Drew Barrymore & Kate Moennig Couple Up On-screen

By: Gay.com

This season’s family film Everybody’s Fine boasts a cast of Hollywood heavyweights. Robert De Niro plays an out-of-touch dad determined to get to know his adult children for real. Playing his terrific-looking kids are Kate Beckinsale, Sam Rockwell, and Drew Barrymore.

As fans of sappy, feel-good fare, we were already planning to catch this big-screen flick over the holidays, perhaps with Mom.

Imagine our delight to learn the greatest draw in this dynamite cast is our favorite L Word lady ever, Katherine Moennig! She who so flawlessly embodied Shane for six seasons plays a lesbian again, this time with baby, as Barrymore’s character Rosie’s live-in love, Jilly.

The plot of the movie rests on all the children withholding secrets about themselves from dad De Niro to avoid disappointing him. So maybe you can guess what Rosie and Jilly are trying to hide? The good news is the film’s about loving and accepting your children, so there’s a happy ending, and it might serve as a shot of celluloid courage for people considering coming out to their own families this holiday season.

TELL US: Are you completely out to your family/relatives/hometown? How was your first holiday with family post-coming out?