Gay TV on a Thursday Night: 30 Rock, Jersey Shore & Real Housewives


We miss fall TV premieres. The prime time programming selection is fading fast! We are actually considering watching a show on MTV tonight (yes, this means you, Jersey Shore). But then again, there is a Susan Lucci Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel somewhere… So maybe we won’t have to watch The Hills-gone-tacky train wreck. We still have our fateful Real Housewives of the O.C. and gay executive rival Devon Banks (Will Arnett) is on 30 Rock so the night’s not a total wash. Glee’s Chris Colfer continues the talk show circuit, plus — Jake Gyllenhaal is on a late night couch; think he’ll spill if he and Reese Witherspoon split? Find out tonight, but first, read our guide to your night of gay TV entertainment.

Take your time with dinner, drinks, or laundry (we can’t be going out dancing every night, sadly) because TV is all quiet on our radar until 9:30 p.m. NBC’s 30 Rock gets new disasters when Liz Lemon’s (Tina Fey) Dealbreakers talk show attempts to shoot its premiere episode. Jack Donaghy’s (Alec Baldwin) arch-rival Devon Banks (Will Arnett) returns to ruffle feathers and gay fave Whoopi Goldberg cameos. We think 30 Rock is still earning it’s heavily-awarded keep, do you agree or have you cooled on the comedy? With the promo elluding us, we chose an enjoyable clip showcasing gay actor Cheyenne Jackson instead.

Ashamed to admit the tingle of intrigue at MTV’s latest reality-crap offering Jersey Shore. Premiering tonight at the ten-spot, eight young people live and work together for a summer in Seaside Heights. The show’s already drawn the ire of Italian pride organizations for the cast’s repeated use of terms "Guidos" and "Guidettes." But being long ago burnt out on the Real World/Road Rules/Hills wanna-bes being recycled and repeatedly shoved down our throats, we’re a little intrigued by all these green, naïve youngsters making mistakes in front of the camera for our enjoyment.

Also at 10 p.m., a fresh episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County is on Bravo. Tonight Briana is nursing a broken heart so mama Vicki flies in a blind date and Tamra and Simon get their BBQ on with the Gunvalsons. Slade’s lady Gretchen Rossi heads to Michigan for a visit while Lynne Curtin sets up house and settles into her new digs.

With so little offered from the major networks tonight, it’s the perfect time to get into On Demand programming like Sexplorations. The taboo-breaking docu show dives into the world of Sexplorations. Viewers go behind closed doors to answer all of the questions you never thought to ask. Explore sexual fetishes, the Thailand transgender community, pornographic origami, erotic photography and more in the series, also available online to premium members.

Lately we can count on the late night line up to steadily include many gay favorites and tonight is no exception. Letterman airs a repeat on CBS, which we only mention since our Golden boy Mika performed. E!’s Chelsea Lately has the glorified gay of Glee, Chris Colfer, on to chat while ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live boasts Twilight: New Moon saga star Ashley Greene and a true fave leading man Jake Gyllenhaal. If you think he’s sexy and you want his body, be sure to catch The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien on NBC when Rod Stewart dishes and performs tonight.

TELL US: With The Vampire Diaries on hiatus for a while, what will you watch on Thursday nights? Does 30 Rock still rock? Admit it: did you watch Jersey Shore?

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