Gay TV on a Thursday Night: Holiday Episodes of ‘30 Rock,’ ‘The Office’


It’s already almost the weekend as far as we’re concerned. Cheyenne Jackson is back on 30 Rock, Anthony Michael Hall slips back into a bully role on Community, you can double-dip in your guilty pleasure of Bravo’s Real Housewives, and the man who writes the songs is on Leno. It’s going to be a good night for gay TV.

Fans of Anthony Michael Hall won’t want to miss the ’80s icon guest-starring on NBC’s Community, tonight at 8. He’ll be giving Jeff (Joel McHale) a hard time. Just guessing these two smirkers make a deadly sarcastic duo. There’s also a lesson in diversity when a planned Christmas party leaves out all the other seasonal holidays.

Stick around for the 9 o’clock Santa-size episode of The Office for two reasons: (1) Its Christmas episodes are traditionally fantastic, so this one, written by genius Kelly (Mindy Kalling) should be a winner, and (2) gay accountant Oscar (Oscar Nunez) has a hot holiday crush. There’s also some gender-bending Santa going on when Phyllis suits up.

If you’re avoiding the cheer, check out Bravo at 9 for never-before-seen lost footage from the recent season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Check out the Hotlanta Housewives belly-dancing class, Kim Zolciak’s meeting with a matchmaker, and Sheree's fitness video. Oh, hell yes.

Back on NBC at 9:30, it’s holiday episode time for the TGS show on 30 Rock. Danny (Cheyenne Jackson) appears in this episode when Jenna (Jane Krawkowski) is hesitant to sing her festive song. Could it be? Will the gorgeous Broadway babe Jackson be treating us to a tune? We’d certainly be pleased with that gift!

For the second helping of Real Housewives on Bravo, it’s an all new-episode of the Orange County set at 10. Vicki Gunvalson’s gunning to get her hubby a anniversary surprise, and Tamra Barney returns to real work for the first time in years, showing a house. The real story we’re ashamed to be interested in seeing: Lynne Curtin goes in for a face-lift, and that lady looks well kept. Good surgeon … just sayin’.

In light of December being World AIDS Awareness Month, educate yourself by watching Sex Positive. Available on here! On Demand and online, the film explores the life of Richard Berkowitz, a revolutionary gay S/M-hustler-turned-AIDS-activist in the 1980s, whose incomparable contribution to the concept of safe sex has never been appropriately credited -- until now. Berkowitz emerged from the epicenter of the epidemic as a community leader, demanding a solution to the problem before anyone else would pay attention. However, it was not Berkowitz's voice alone that sparked attention.

For late-night enjoyment, we’re giving The Jay Leno Show a record to give cute A-list actor and Invictus star Matt Damon a watch but mainly to enjoy the terribly talented Barry Manilow. Later, on Letterman, Nine star and Goldie’s girl Kate Hudson chats before gay favorite Tori Amos performs. Catch Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on NBC for a sit-down with the unparalleled Julianne Moore, who kills in her supporting role in A Single Man. Our favorite bad girl of comedy, Chelsea Handler has Ross Mathews (yay) and Perez Hilton (boo) on her E! Show, Chelsea Lately, tonight, and also she welcomes Susan Sarandon’s daughter, actress Eva Amurri.

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