Gay TV on a Tuesday Night: ‘Better Off Ted’ Is Back! Season 2 Premieres, Season 1 on DVD


It’s a winning night for gay TV -- even though the prime-time programming selection is light, we believe in quality over quantity. With the triumphant return of Better Off Ted tonight showcasing not one but two hilariously talented out actors in the series, we’re eager to see an all-new season of Portia de Rossi, Jonathan Slavin, and the rest of the quirky characters at Veridian Dynamics. We’ve also got Glee’s scene-stealer, out actress Jane Lynch in the late-night lineup; plus, check back in on the juicy secrets of the gay residents of Paradise Falls. All that, a Peanuts Christmas classic, and more in Tuesday’s gay TV roundup. What will you be watching?

Start off tonight with a cozy classic: A Charlie Brown Christmas at 8 on ABC. The ’60s special is still so charming and relevant as the holiday season settles in on us. Relive the simpler seasonal greetings tonight with the Peanuts gang, and along with Charlie Brown, see if you can’t find the true meaning of Christmas.

At 9:30 ABC makes us very happy when season 2 of the very funny Better Off Ted premieres! Do yourself a favor and pick up season 1, available on DVD now, to get the hilarious first 13 episodes. The cast is spot-on -- from lovable and lustworthy lead Jay Harrington to silly scientists like Phil, portrayed by out actor Jonathan Slavin, every part is pitch-perfect. Portia de Rossi, who you’ll find every bit as hilarious as in her Bluth days on Arrested Development, plays the steely Veridian Dynamics (awesome faux corporate site) executive Veronica. The crazy company weaponized pumpkins and changed the way we do business with a productless presentation of “Jabberwocky” last season. Note Portia's Killer dance moves below. Does she get her groove from her wife, Ellen DeGeneres, perhaps?

In the new season’s premiere, Veridian employees pilot a program encouraging them to partner with their best genetic matches around the office. While Ted (Harrington) is into his match, Veronica (De Rossi) is less wowed with hers. If that isn’t enough, superhot and talented Taye Diggs guest-stars in tonight’s season opener as well. As gay favorites like Glee and Modern Family take some holiday time off, we’re grateful to have a fresh season of Better Off Ted beginning.

It’s a good time to get hooked on here! TV's series Paradise Falls, about the sexy goings-on in a backwoods Canadian resort town where everyone has their eye on someone and there are secrets just beneath the surface. There are three juicy seasons to catch up on via here! On Demand or as a  premium member. The sensational third-season episode 12 sees Nick (Cameron Graham) and Sacha (Salvatore Antonio)’s relationship spiraling downward, plus Roxy (Kim Poirier) is no fan of Tarkin and is still trying to steer her Francis (Victoria Snow) away. It’s about to get troublesome for the sleepy town’s wayward residents.

As for late-night talk shows, Lopez Tonight welcomes another modern LGBT icon, Jane Lynch, tonight on TBS. The out lesbian actress and scene-stealing Glee villainess has appeared in almost countless comic gems and had a recurring role on The L Word. The Tonight Show gets a visit from Diane Lane husband and Milk actor Josh Brolin on NBC before Jimmy Fallon hosts a GREAT gay double bill on Late Night with A Single Man’s visionary director, Tom Ford, and news anchor-out lesbian-brilliant woman Rachel Maddow both on the couch.

What do you think of Better Off Ted?

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