Web Series to Watch: “Venice” Delivers for Lesbians

By: Gay.com

“Otalia” is back (sort of) and better than ever. The Guiding Light soap opera coupling of Natalia (Jessica Leccia) and Olivia (Crystal Chappell) spawned fans so fiercely devoted, the stars created a new Web series, Venice, to explore complex, passionate, and sexy relationships between lesbians.

Chappell plays Gina Brogno, “a self-made interior designer who is strong, independent and has an extremely dry wit,” according to the series’ site, but has a lot of complications in her personal and family life. The lovely Leccia plays journalist Ani Martin, who has an off-again, on-again relationship with Gina. The series’ “plot follows Gina’s human experience in connection with her various [female] love interests, brother Owen, father The Colonel and myriad other characters that make up Gina’s network of relationships.”

Full of familiar daytime faces and real, racy lesbian sexuality (unlike the network soaps), the series makes its first season’s full 12 episodes available by subscription for only $9.99 on the official site here.

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