Joey Lauren Adams Catches Toni Collette’s Eye on ‘U.S. of Tara’


Chasing Amy hottie Joey Lauren Adams definitely has a certain appeal with her blond sweetheart looks and adorable voice. The often-indie actress will be featured in the new season of Showtime’s critically acclaimed United States of Tara when the series returns March 22.

Adams portrays Pammy, a sweet and funny bartender with a history of heartbreak. Her unlucky heart seems to get a break when she falls head over heels for Buck, one of series star Toni Collette’s alter egos. Buck is known to be “a man's man who hunts, drinks, and swears."

Will it spell true love for the two formidable actresses’ characters?  And how will Tara’s (Collette’s character’s main persona) husband (John Corbett) react to the development?

We’ll be tuning in to see!

TELL US: Which persona of United States of Tara’s heroine is your favorite: Tara (working mother of two), Alice (super housewife and traditionalist), Buck (beer, hunting, and “titty bar” enthusiast), or T (wild child adolescent)?

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