Media Mix: Globes, HIMYM & Glee


It’s time to mix it up with two media mavens. When it’s your job to consistently cover and report on all things gay in the media worlds of TV, film and more, you’re bound to have a few opinions. Full-time entertainment writers Lily and Lesley, with over twenty years of pro-TV and film watching between them and several major LGBT sites regularly featuring their articles (like SheWired and Planet Out), are the real deal when it comes to gay media experts. They’ve seen it and they heard about that.

In between writing for LGBT sites, Lesley also covers the beat for a major Hollywood trade publication, which affords her juicy backstage and insider info to pass on to you! From her behind-the-scenes view backstage, Lesley debriefs on all things Golden Globes with a little help from consummate home viewer Lily. Find out who won, who looked great and who was totally rowdy backstage. Plus, the TV-devotees talk How I Met Your Mother, Glee casting news and LOST anticipation in the first edition of your weekly gay Media Mix from two cool chicks.

95836783 Lily: shall we start with the Golden Globes? I care first and foremost (and only, really) about whom looked hot…
Lesley: Two words: Jennifer Aniston. Did you see that dress?!
Lily: See? Yes. I hated it. She looked like the slutty girl at my prom, like she just got boffed in the limo.
Lesley: And that's wrong because? Well, did she come with co-star Gerard Butler? I hear he's a sex addict ... So she may have needed the easy access in the limo.
Lily: Maybe he gave her the old Spartan spirit. They sure want us to think so. But, her leg was awesome. Just think: she's got a matching left one!
Lesley: She can be my Friend any day. But really, her dress reminded me of J-Lo's green dress that went down to her privates. Like she wore J-Lo's dress upside down or something.
Lily: There was a lot of boring black! Even your girl Lea Michele, stunning as she was, could have done with color.
Lesley: See, I loved Lea Michele's dress -- the top of it anyway. The bottom made her look like she belonged atop a birthday cake.
Lily: So very bridal. As was Kate Hudson’s... but she had that newly single glow about her.
Lesley: Good for her for splitting from Gay-Rod. She should be dating a Dodger anyway. Matt Kemp has Rihanna now, so someone else needs a Hollywood babe.
Lily: Hey if it's good enough for Rihanna... Omgosh: Christina (Aguilera) and Cher! Definitely one of the gayer moments. I got Giddy!
95837291 Lesley: I'm so glad you brought up that picture -- it's been haunting me. What is wrong with Cher's hands in that pic? Was Xtina squeezing too tight or is Cher really a zombie?!
Lily: Well she's gotta be... 60? 70? The hands can't hide it with surgical procedures.
Lesley: If there's anyone from the Burlesque cast I want to be connected to, it isn't Cher or Xtina. I'll take "99% gay" Kristen Bell, please. And I won't care what -- if anything -- she's wearing.
Lily: Anyhoo, YAY for a standing ovation for The Dude!
Lesley: The Dude abides! He was amazing backstage talking about his father and how he pushed him into the biz. So smart. So can we talk Mad Men?
95837415 Lily: Yes we can. I want to be Christina Hendricks when I grow up.
Lesley: Christina Hendricks and January Jones. WOW. Just ... WOW.
Lesley: I am thankfully blessed to have a great day job that allows me to stalk Jane Lynch in a way that's completely on the up-and-up.
Lily: I saw Jane Lynch with a hottie during the telecast!! I was just wondering what lucky woman gets to kiss Sue Sylvester the other day…
Lesley: Jane did smooch her bride-to-be on live TV, which totally rocked. I had no idea she had a partner, let alone was getting married in May.
95836430 Lily: And now the truth is out there: Jane Lynch bagged a babe.
Lesley: Yes! She totally bagged a babe -- and she looked like a babe, too! I saw her before the show started in the lobby and was surprised to see her looking so amazing -- I think part of me expected her to show up in a tracksuit. It's nice when the soft butch ladies clean up so well.
Lily: Yeah, she's tall and has a lovely feminine figure actually. She looks damn good in dress!!
Lesley: And the color was totally perfect on her. I, however, sported the lezbo tie.
Lily: Hey-- take pride in the classic staple
Lesley: I take total pride in the stereotype, er, staple.
Lily: Avatar : do we care?
Lesley: Yes we care! First: What's Na'vi for "Shut the fuck up and go away, James Cameron"??
Lily: Ripley! Always nice to see Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) in a dress!
Lesley: Ripley!! She's a tall drink of water! She also looked stunning in green.
95839838Lily: My favorite actress because she is taller than me at 6 ft.
Lesley: Ha! That'd make me breast level on Sigourney. No complaints about that! But here's one that I think most of the free world disagrees with me on: Dexter's Jennifer CarpenterHOLY HOTNESS, BATMAN
Lily: Marriage certainly looks good on Dexter's girl.
Lesley: Hell yes it did.
Lily: How cute were they during his win?
Lesley: They may have been my favorite couple there. So adorable! He finally won -- he's been nominated for that part four freakin' times already and just now won. And his cancer is in remission. So stoked for him.
Lily: I had a Scorsese-gasm by the way. You said Glee out shined him backstage?

Lesley:Glee totally upstaged Scorsese backstage, yes! The photo call room was the first stop after being escorted off the stage. Then winners go to the interview room. And all that divides those two rooms was a curtain.
Lily: Goddamned those show choir/theater Gleeks are always TOO loud
Lesley: You could barely hear The Master speak because the Glee crew was so rowdy. You know, I couldn't help but laugh. I'm a total and complete Gleek. You hear that, Lea Michele? Find me! I'm an excellent date!

Lily: I was really glad to see the series rewarded. It’s making the world a happier, more accepting place.
Lesley: I agree -- plus it's the only show on TV that actually matches what the category is called -- best comedy/musical. Plus 30 Rock can't keep winning.
Lily: Hey, Liz Lemon is always a winner with me. Tina Fey looked so glamorous!
Lesley: She always looks amazing. She could wear sweatpants and look stunning. It may be that nerdy thing she's got going. Did we miss anyone at the GGs?
Lily: Just (SheWired editor) Tracy's crush, The Good Wife Juliana Marguilles in her Star Trek dress… What. The. Hell.

Lesley: Mini- ER reunion at the Globes! She smooched Dr. Ross!
Lily: That was a nice aside, but that dress... on her bangin’ body... crime.
Lesley: She did get in a nice dig at NBC's Leno fiasco though. I picked Anna Paquin to win that category. Not gonna lie. I'm a Truebie.
Lily: Sookie’s boobies looked further apart than I remembered them! I think we successfully eviscerated the Globes! HIMYM's big girl fight go down?
Lesley: OH holy hotness!
Lily: Preach, sista…
Lesley: Amanda Peet should know not to mess with our girl Willow.
Lily: Well, you don’t stay on TV for 10+ yrs being a push over. Alyson put the smack down on Amanda Peet?
Lesley: Seriously. The best part of that fight scene was Peet droning on with her apology as Aly's Lily kept removing jewelry before she beat the snot out of her.
Lily: Lol! That's our lil' lady Lily (Alyson Hannigan).
Lesley: So proud. I still loved last week's 100th episode. WAY gay.
Lily: Oh yeah, I heard Doogie's debonair dancing landed him a gig on Glee...
in the (Joss) Whedon-directed episode, no less?
Lesley: Yes! It'll air in May!
Lily: BTVS does Glee… Geek out!!
Lesley: I don't care if it's stunt casting for sweeps, I'll take it! NPH can do no wrong! Plus Joss Whedon and NPH did "Dr. Horrible" which I totally love.


Lily: With NPH's cameo (recently named Gay Man of the Decade), and Kurt getting a bf, Glee really is delivering on all gay agenda issues, too. Not just like "look, some gay content, sometimes!" it's rich, layered and fully developed.
Lesley: I expect nothing less from Ryan Murphy! He's out and proud. Gotta love that. Glee winning was like saying, "The Gays are Here!"
Lily: Seriously! Granted it's our job, so it ALWAYS feels like the gays are here. But I feel like the rest of the world is in on it too, now.
Lesley: Again, couldn't agree more. Glee is the gayest show on TV. All Grey's gave us this week was a five-second clip of Callie and Arizona in the shower together.

95840361 Lily: Have you been visiting Cougartown every week? I heart Busy Phillips, but I do not get who finds that show funny.
Lesley: You'd think, but I caught on late, so I'm going to wait and power watch the DVDs. But I love Busy Philips -- loved her on Dawson's Creek, Freaks and Geeks (which is totally and completely underrated) and Undeclared.
Lily: Me tooo! She's SO funny
Lesley: She's just as funny on Twitter, too.
Lily: And her bully/tough girl vibe makes her so much cuter than the million-and-one girl's next door.
Lesley: OMG, I love her energy! She's so butch!
Lily: Speaking of females I’m a fan of, almost time to go back to the Island with the lovely Evangeline Lilly! Have you seen The Onion thing about annoying Lost fans:

95841454 Lesley: I'm watching this Lost clip now.
Lily: its funny cause I’m SO guilty. I hated on The Island harrrrrrd and made fun off all the people who are obsessed. Then I got sucked in after surgery. Now, I actively seek out fellow losties to obsessively analyze the show with.
Lesley: This Lost clip is pretty funny. I got so confused watching last season that I had to stop.
Lily: I cant hang with Jaters. SKate all the way...
Lesley: I'm sorry, I won't be part of your Losties. I'm, um, lost. If you're talking about Jon and Kate ... I'm thankfully lost there, too.
Lily: Oh I don’t do that reality show. Kate's got long hair, Jon’s got a new girlfriend… whatever. They still have 8 kids.
Lesley: Jack and Kate on Lost have 8 kids, too?! How long have they been on that island?!? Kidding, I know...
Lily: We're mixing up our Kate’s. Time to quit talking and start watching for next week!

TELL US: What did you think of the Globes? Who looked best and who was robbed of a statue? Jane Lynch, perhaps?

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