That Catchy ‘Tik Tok” Song: Not Straight Ke$ha Talks to Out


Try as you may to dismiss it as one more cheeky, formulaic pop song, Ke$ha’s single “Tik Tok” has white hot sales and is damn catchy. It raced up the charts to occupy the number 1 single spot, building some serious buzz for her debut album, Animal.

The spunky blond from Tennessee is unapologetic about her loud style and sometimes bad  behavior. “There are certain things young girls can look to me as a role model for—I’m not saying everything,” admits the high school dropout, now 22. “I do think it’s an important thing that happiness and the amount of money you have aren’t mixed. There’s absolutely no correlation, because the happiest times of my entire life have been when I didn’t have $2.”

The wild child told OK magazine she once broke into the sacred mansion of music icon Prince. “I got his address, and snuck under the fence. I inevitably got in, and walked in on him having band practice. I left my CD for him and then got ousted,” said Ke$ha. She’s still waiting to hear from the “Purple Rain” singer.

You might recognize her voice from the Flo Rida super hit (and Ellen DeGeneres fave) “Spin Me” or, less likely, from her background contributions to Paris Hilton’s musical efforts, but she’s just now experiencing her first taste of the limelight and success. With “Tik Tok” having 610,000 downloads the week of December 27, she topped the previous record, held by Lady Gaga for "Just Dance" with 419,000 downloads.

When asked for her celebrity crush, the singer growled enthusiastically, “Shakira is really hot.” Ke$ha sat down with Out magazine to discuss partying and pursuing men and women, because she wouldn't say she's straight...

TELL US: Do you think Ke$ha is a modern LGBT rocker or a pop star looking to capitalize on bisexuality?