Wedded Bliss: Lorenzo Martone Confirms Vows to Marc Jacobs


While the legality isn’t sound, Lorenzo Martone confirmed in a recent interview with Butt magazine that he and designer Marc Jacobs did in fact exchange vows in St. Barts over the New Year’s holiday.

Though Jacobs’s representatives dismissed the widely circulated wedding rumors and photos as just a party at the time, Martone says the press-pestered couple “just had an intimate ceremony at a friend’s house with people who were already on the island.”

94998030 He adds, “The official wedding documents won’t be signed until later this year, so legally we’re not married yet.”

The frank newly (sort of) wed Martone also shares his memories of his first time and playfully cosigns the joke about Brazilians being well-endowed, quipping, “I can’t complain. My boyfriend can’t complain.”

Doesn’t he mean “husband”?

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Image courtesy of Getty