Avon’s Calling: It’s Hugh Jackman

By: Gay.com

Aussie charmer Hugh Jackman will be slipping into the role of an Avon door-to-door cosmetics salesman in his next feature film, Avon Man.

Helmed by Enchanted director Kevin Lima, the men-gone-feminine tale is intended to hit an all-exposed comic nerve in much the same way as The Full Monty.

Jackman stars as a man who takes up Avon sales after being laid off from a car dealership. When the hesitant cosmetics seller becomes the top earner, he taps his comrades from the dealership to help him win a regional contest.

Avon Man sounds like it will be chock-full of charm, cosmetics, and cute guys out of their element. And we all know Jackman can perform.

We sense a crowd-pleaser.

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