Eddie Izzard Dulls Down for Indie Spirit Awards

By: Brodie

Eddie Izzard is being surprisingly (disappointingly?) straightforward in his approach to hosting the 25th Film Independent Spirit Awards.

For one thing, everybody’s favorite big lady WON’T be Dressed to Kill.

The fresh and funny Brit shares what he plans to wear for hosting in “boy mode,” what’s currently on his mind, and film roles that keep him from indulging in some of his more dangerous hobbies...

Izzard, 48, says he’ll be keeping his apparel shockingly simple for the hosting gig. "I thought of wearing things that are not clothes, like a sofa or vegetables, [but] I'm going to do it in boy mode."

People’s got five things you might not know about the funnyman as he preps to host an awards show for the “first and only” time.

1. His hosting plan does not include wardrobe changes: I'm a transvestite, I'm not a clothes-changer. The whole idea of changing your clothes all the time, it's weird. What is that?

2. He's not shy about his current obsessions: Sex, still interested in that. Running, lipstick, fighting—just fighting when someone's got a problem with me. These are the things actual transvestites have to deal with.

3. He can never “do flats”: What's the point of wearing a dress, putting on makeup, getting ready for a fight, and not wearing heels? Why don't I just stay in bloke-mode?

4. He has his pilot's license—but doesn't get to use it very often: It's tricky because when you do a film, they say that you can't do any flying or skiing or eating mongoose. They rule out all the [fun] things.

5. He sleeps in the buff: I wear a hat sometimes.

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