Glorious Glee’s Mark Salling just how you want him: all wet

By: Brodie

I love Glee for many, many reasons. The songs. The jokes. Everything Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) says. The way Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) sings the ish out of, oh, any-frickin-thing.

But after a kick-ass number, originally sung by the man- Neil Diamond- himself, Puck was bumped to the top of my favorites list for glorious Glee. “Sweet Caroline?” More like: sweet jeebus, look at the sexy stare on the mohawk’d dude!

As we wait out the final weeks of anticipation together, Gleeks, take a peek at the New Direction’s pinup poster boy featured in Flaunt magazine. The shot offers all sorts of Mark Salling sexy soaked goodness, just after the jump...


Whew. Call me when you get tired of sexting Santana, Puckerman!

PS: Is it bad that the front face / shoulders pose makes me sort of want to run hottie Salling through Ru Paul's Drag Race online Dragulator? Bet those lips would look amazing in gloss…

Image: Flaunt

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