A big month for Wonder Woman and her fans

By: Rick Andreoli

Last week, Matchbox sent out a sneak peak of their Wonder Woman Invisible Jet via their Facebook fan page.

Pretty genius for a sneak peak.

But that's not the only thing happening for the Amazing Amazon. Not sure if pop culture folks are getting all swept up in some sort of collective mindset (or if Dr. Psycho has something to do with it) but either way, they're pretty cool.

WW_book The one item you'll probably see a lot of is the new book from Universe Publishing, Wonder Woman: Amazon. Hero. Icon.
The book covers her history, her influence on comics and female super hero creation, the TV show and her role as a feminist icon. Lots of new art, and supposedly some rare stuff from top artists working in comics. It should also get into how her creator William Moulton Marston created the lie detector test (lasso of truth?) and the motivation behind creating a powerful female hero in a time when women were relegated to kitchen duties.

Not sure if it will get into the original character and comics ties to BDSM, or how he had a wife and kids, and a relationship (and I think other kids) with his research assistant, and how they all lived together in one big happy family. But if not you can get that info in Wonder Woman: The Complete History.

And if you're just looking for a book focusing on Wonder Woman's role in the DC universe, our friend Phil Jimenez has The Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia coming out at the end of the month.

Oh my God, who's a big ol' geek now?

WW_BN In action figures, DC Direct is releasing the Blackest Night Series 4: Wonder Woman Action Figure on April 21st. This is one of those hardcore collector figures, because she was literally in this state for a very short time before turning into a Star Sapphire (action figure available November 2010—OMG seriously? How do I know this stuff?). So I'm betting on those die-hard fans or goth girls who buy Jack Skellington stuff at Hot Topic picking up this one.

WW_Lynda And speaking of hardcore collectors, they will be happy to know that this month DC is reissuing the Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Statue. Sculpted by fan-favorite, Tim Bruckner, this piece is a really beautiful rendering. And though it's expensive, I doubt you could find a better collectible based on the original TV series.

Because, at this point, there's no hiding the fact that I'm a big ol' homo gay collector who loves Wonder Woman so I have the authority to make such pronouncements.

WW-Anime Finally, this month will see a new anime-inspired Wonder Woman PVC statue: DC Direct Ame-Comi Heroine Series: Wonder Woman (V.2) PVC Figure. The first version sold out (I mean, come on, she's practically naked. What fanboy wouldn't want that?), and this one sees her practically naked but emerging from battle. And here's the kicker description:

As a special added feature, Wonder Woman's hair can be worn in two styles – up or down!

Now I ask you, what gay fanboy wouldn't want that?

(I know I do.)