Friend of the Family: Colin Farrell

By: Winston Gieseke

“People are often afraid of difference,” says Colin Farrell on the subject of homophobia. “They feel that anything that causes fear should be turned away from.” Luckily for us, Farrell embraces difference. And if you haven’t picked that up from his career choices — he’s played good guys, bad guys, country singers, you name it — you can certainly see it in his life choices.

The studly Irish actor, who shared some onscreen love with both Dallas Roberts in 2004’s A Home at the End of the World and Jared Leto in Alexander, is calling for gay tolerance in his homeland. Two weeks ago, Farrell issued a statement in support of BeLonG To, an organization that supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth in Ireland.

Recalling the childhood torment of his gay brother Eamon (pictured below, with Colin) at the hands of bullies, Colin says that as a child he didn’t understand kids’ fear of his brother’s homosexuality and he doesn’t understand it now:

“As a race we humans are united and divided by emotions. The mother and father of all emotions, the queen and king are love and fear. Love unites, it brings us closer to an understanding of the possibility of beauty amidst all the confusion and pain that life can bring. Hate is a disease. It is fear’s messenger and it makes us do terrible things in a shadow of our better selves, of what we could be.”


Before you freak out and start quoting that infamous GQ interview in which Colin said that kissing a man was gross, remember that this is a guy who walked his gay brother down the aisle last year at his same-sex wedding. That should be reason to forgive his affair with Britney Spears, let alone an honest comment about feeling stubble not being his cup of tea.


Yes, there are plenty of reasons to love Colin Farrell — he’s a terrific and versatile actor, he’s hot, he has no problem getting naked on film — but publicly taking a stand for tolerance is reason enough for me. (And the fact that he's hot and likes to get naked on film.)