Glorious Glee: Chris Colfer on joining the Cheerios and his TV boyfriend

By: Brodie

Chris Colfer says he’s excited to see out Glee club member Kurt get a boyfriend in future episodes, but there has to be just the right balance in the power couple. “I don't want to be the downside to the relationship,” Colfer complained to Digital Spy, “so I'm hoping he's less good-looking than me!"

Spoken like a true A-gay.

Colfer elaborates on the rigorous demands of paying proper tribute to Madonna in the much hyped Madgetastic episode and other developments in Gleekdom after the jump:

The all-Madonna episode of Glee will be a feat fit for the queen. Colfer confesses, "That episode really took it out of all of us because there were nine musical numbers and tons of dancing. Every other sentence, someone bursts out into song!”

But there’s more to look forward to when Glee returns with fresh episodes featuring two of our favorite sassy singers infiltrating the enemy! Colfer says he and costar Amber Reilly are having a great time cheering for Sue Sylvester.

“I think joining the Cheerios was way more fun than it was meant to be,” he gushes. “We are definitely in the Cheerios for a while. They come up with some genius story lines - who would have thought to put Kurt and Mercedes in the Cheerios?!"

It is surprisingly scrumptious when the different facets of the Glee world intertwine. Just think: if Kurt got the football team snapping it to “Single Ladies,” the possibilities for performing with the choreographed champion Cheerios could be endless…

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