Glorious Glee: Kurt’s Big Gaga Episode

By: Brodie

The Glee club’s fashion plate gay teen, Kurt Hummel played perfectly by Chris Colfer, has leaked some upcoming episode info. The excited Colfer spilled about his Lady Gaga costume drama and the big moments in store for the only out member of the hit high school show.

Read about the heights Colfer stretched himself in the pursuit of Gaga glory after the jump.

We’ve definitely got some of our best stuff coming up,” Colfer revealed in a new interview with Popwrap. “I definitely think there’s more of an emotional roller coaster that the club goes in, and Kurt specifically. We shot the most emotional scene that I’ve ever done – myself and Mike O’Malley as Burt and Kurt – a week ago for the Lady Gaga episode. I think the response to that is going to be great. I think it’s going to be more of a reaction than we got from “Preggers” or “Wheels.” It’s pretty intense,” he said of the big episode.

Chris-makeup Creator Ryan Murphy promised that the episode would also include an acoustic rendition of "Poker Face," performed as a duet between Lea Michele (Rachel) and Tony Award-winner Idina Menzel (Shelby).

And while the talented teen loves the challenging song choices, he’s less enamored of Gaga’s notorious flair for fashion. He particularly struggled with her theatrical sky-high heels. “Oh those shoes,” Colfer complained. “I’m looking at them right now, they’re on top of my fridge. No one knows I have them. I stole them as memorabilia.”

Colfer talks more about his fashion taste compared to the fabulous Kurt’s and his great bond with fellow new Cheerio, Mercedes (Amber Riley) in the full interview.

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