Hate The Hills? You’ll Love the Baby Version

By: Brodie

I love me a good parody. And I hate The Hills. The one episode I ever managed to sit through showed nothing but pretty ugly perma-teens pouting and sitting around in bikinis. I was actually taken aback at how little dialogue there is on such a popular program. What drama?! These kids like, barely say… you know… anything. (Thank God.) Please. I have more dramatic verbal exchanges with my postman.

Well, these guys NAILED it with its satire of the MTV reality hit, recasting the California brats as actual brats: little kids!

See the funny clip after the jump.

Seriously, the little girl who played Audrina (“Can't Make Eye Contact") really replicated her vacant stare.

I’d wager every kid is more talented at their tiny tender age than the whole cast of The Hills combined.