Hugh Laurie’s Challenges in Directing Hugh Laurie

By: Brodie

Reasons I love Hugh Laurie:

  1. His face. SO stare-able.
  2. His wicked humor. (See: every episode of House)
  3. His good taste. I read his former longtime flame is the hugely talented Emma Thompson.

The charming Brit, who plays a blisteringly cynical but brilliant doctor with a crippling pain pill addiction, playfully recalls the pesky predicament in directing an upcoming episode of the show he stars in:

"There was the nagging question of how I was going to direct myself. Would I be able to give guidance, instruction, and encouragement to myself and then reject those things with my usual sullen bad temper? How would I talk myself out of my own trailer?"

Funny and fascinating to watch, Laurie is the full package. It’s not JUST the accent (do click this link for a laugh, btw); in his case it’s the everything.

Image: BuddyTV