Marky Mark’s Still Got It! His Beauty Blinds Steve Carell

By: Brodie

There was a time in the early ’90s when Mark Wahlberg was known as nothing more than a fine-looking specimen of a man. Calvin Klein knew it and so did everyone else, thanks to the enormously popular underwear campaign billboards.

And while he’s gone on to become a serious actor, my favorite performance of his will always be opposite Reese Witherspoon in the 1996 thriller classic Fear.

I’m psyched to hear Wahlberg’s getting back to his beefcake roots with a cameo in the Steve Carell and Tina Fey hit Date Night. Carell confirms the onetime leader of the Funky Bunch has still got it:

"Looking at Mark Wahlberg's chest is like looking at the sun. If you stare too long, you go blind," the star of TV’s The Office assured reporters at the film’s New York City premiere.

You just sold me a ticket, Steve.