More Split Rumors Plague Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone

By: Brodie

Just a few weeks ago, Martone, the handsome Brazilian husband of successful designer Marc Jacobs, denied the New York Post’s Page Six reports that he had moved out of the couple’s Manhattan pad.

Now two major papers are carrying conflicting accounts of a VIP gay wedding — that of Jacobs’s business partner Robert Duffy, at an inn in Provincetown, Mass.

94121763 Page Six says Marc attended the fete single, while the Boston Herald recounts a wild and sexy wedding where the best man (Jacobs) happily squired his squeeze, Lorenzo.

The Herald reports that Duffy and his groom exchanged vows “just after 7:30 p.m. on the inn’s West Deck as the sun set into Cape Cod Bay. The entire inn — which had been repainted and re-planted for the event -— was taken over for the festivities. Following the ceremony, the fewer than 100 guests had cocktails, lobster tails and Wellfleet oysters on the tented, heated decks. Then it was inside for dinner of filet mignon or halibut, washed down with tres expensive Opus One wines …

“Jacobs was the best man and gave a toast to the new grooms. He was accompanied by his S.O., Lorenzo Martone, whom he reportedly married in St. Bart’s this past New Year’s.

“After the reception, the wedding party repaired to the Atlantic House, P’town’s swingingest gay club, to dance the night away.”

So whose story is right? Gawker awards the win to the Herald, with its much more detailed account of the extravagant affair, and notes that the Provincetown nuptials in question “sound like the best gay wedding ever complete with strippers, naked guests, and an after party at a discotheque.”

Whether they’re together or not, I kind of love that a gay fashion-power couple are grabbing “Are they or aren’t they?” headlines just like Angelina and Brad. It’s certainly not something that would have made the front page back in the day. 

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