Our top 10 Ugly Betty moments

By: Winston Gieseke

Before Glee, Ugly Betty was arguably the gayest show on network television. I swear on the abs of Mark Wahlberg. And in honor of last night’s riveting series finale, we thought we’d take a look back our top ten favorite Ugly moments.

Photos: abc.com

1. On Betty’s first day at Mode, she shows up in a hideous poncho from Guadalajara and Amanda thinks she’s the "before" for the before-and-after shoot.
2. Justin and his parents are running late to see Hairspray, so Justin acts out the show’s opening for Hilda and Santos. When a stranger on the train calls him a "fairy," his macho father defends him.

3. Marc comes out to his mother (Patti LuPone) but the news isn't received well.

4. Amanda shows Marc her acting reel, which consists of an appearance on a soap, a commercial for a phone sex line, and a promo for a middle ages restaurant in which she plays the part of Serving Wench.

5. When queeny Suzuki St. Pierre (Alec Mapa)’s secret identity is revealed, we learn he’s really a straight suburban family man from New Jersey.

6. Wilhelmina plans to leave with Connor and the money he’s stolen from the Medes but has a surprising change of heart and calls the authorities, only to find that she’s too late.

7. Betty finally becomes a features editor but is dumped by Matt, who tells her he’s now her boss.

8. Betty and Hilda get their pregnancy test results mixed up and neither knows who’s with child.

9. Justin’s gay kiss with Austin.

10. Betty hits her head and enters an It’s A Wonderful Life-like dream sequence in which she has perfect teeth but has become a bitchy career woman.


Oh, my Prada. What will we ever do without Betty? It's been a great four years. We've laughed and cried, and learned about fashion. But more importantly, we've learned that there really is beauty in Ugly.