Project Runway's Chris March—Exclusive Interview

By: Rick Andreoli

In the history of Project Runway, there are few characters as big as Chris March. From his booming laugh to his lovable personality, March quickly became the fan-favorite designer who could produce high fashion and high camp, all from the same sewing machine.

Since his appearance on Season 4 of Runway, the New York-based designer hasn’t stopped working. He recently published the photographic book I Heart Chris March, which chronicles his 25 years of costume and fashion design, and that led to a deal with NobleWorks for a line of humor greeting cards.

March took a couple minutes to chat with about the big, bold, and beautiful things happening in his life.

IheartChris_book-cover Your book, I Heart Chris March, features a forward by Tim Gunn and is available through bookstores,, and your website. What’s the relationship between the book and the NobleWorks cards?
MARCH: Someone at NobleWorks thought my outrageous costumes and characters would make funny cards. The cards are available now on the NobleWorks website and will be sold in stores around the country. The images for the cards are from the book, but some upcoming cards will be all new photos.

We heard you have your own show in development. Can you give us some details?
It is a show about me and my crazy workshop and my friends—think [Food Network’s] Ace of Cakes in the costume/fashion world. We make everything from couture red carpet gowns to dancing hot dog costumes!



You dressed Meryl Streep for both the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards. How did that come about?
She was a fan of mine from watching me on Project Runway. I know her hair and makeup artist, and he put us together. The rest is history!

What did you do when you first got the call for that job?
I almost fainted. I set up a time and day to meet her, hung up the phone, and started screaming and jumping up and down.

What was it like meeting her?
She is incredibly sweet and genuine and smart and funny. She said she was thrilled to meet me… Me!

You're known as the man with the big laugh from Project Runway, now you're creating cards for one of the top humor-based card companies. What's your philosophy about humor and how it relates to your art?
I have always geared my design towards humor—it's my specialty. I want to contribute to people having a good time in life.

Let’s ask some random fun questions for your fans: Who are you listening to on your iPod?
An unreleased version of Stevie Nicks singing “Gypsy.” I am a Stevie Nicks freak!

If you could be on another reality show, which one and why?
Top Chef. I studied to become a chef before my design career took off.

The boys want to know: Are you dating?
Yes. We have been together for over two years. He e-mailed me on Valentine’s Day after watching me on the show. So romantic.

Card2 What do you look for in a guy?
I don't know… beauty of spirit and an idea about what they want to do in life.

What’s one thing your boyfriend did that swept you off your feet?
He sent me a Stevie Nicks song I'd never heard. It was like an arrow through my heart.

Who’s your current celebrity crush?
My boyfriend and I fight over who would get Ryan Gosling first.

What’s your favorite place to hang out in New York?
—the oldest gay bar in America, with the best burgers!

If you had one last meal, what would it be?
Fried chicken and a root beer float.

What inspires you?
Visual things. My eye will catch something and suddenly a whole huge idea will unfold in my brain.


You can meet Chris March at the National Stationery Show at Javits Center in New York on May 16th and 17th from 1 to 4 p.m.

Check out all the greeting cards here. Visit Chris March's website.