Top 10 Superhero Studs

By: Brodie

As modern and alternative as we trendsetting GLBTs may be, deep down there’s something about a heroic mystery man swooping in to save the day that appeals to all of our collective fantasies.

In that vein, we count down the comeliest caped crusaders of all time.

These superheroes, though worlds apart in their special powers, all have one thing in common: They’re seriously sexy.

Ryan Reynolds

Green Lantern, Deadpool [Image: SciFi Scoop]

Get the scoop on nine more superstuds and a few BONUS boys after the jump…


Michael Jai White

Spawn Michael-jai-iwhite-2

Spawn [Images: FreshPlays and ScreenRant]

Robert Downey Jr.


Iron Man [Image: Marvel]

Hugh Jackman


Wolverine [Image: Empire]

Brandon Routh

 Brandon-routh-superman Superman2
Superman* [Images: ScrapeTV and Rabbits]

*Honorable mention to the tasty TV Smallville Superman:

Tom Welling [Image: ArtFiles]

Tobey Maguire

Tobey-maguire-20041114-15144  Tobey-maguire-spiderman
Spider-Man [Images: HealthyHollywood]

Bat Boys: Chris O’Donnell and George Clooney


Batman & Robin [Image: GossipSauce]

Chris Evans

 Chris Evans 18815572
Fantastic 4 (Johnny Storm), Captain America [Images: AllCine and Yahoo Movies]


Wm_ozymandias 20090309_doctormanhattan_560x375 10ok3o6

Matthew Goode (Ozymandias), Billy Crudup (Dr. Manhattan) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Comedian) [Images: Wired, NYMag, TinyPic]

Eric Bana


Hulk [Image: Stars]

Sorry, Ed Norton, better luck next time!