Check Out the Hotties of Team Out

By: Rick Andreoli

So there's a cool new Web series with a super cute cast that we're loving in a big way: "Team Out Today, Presented by AT&T."

I know... I know... You're thinking that is owned by the same parent company as Out so I have to say it's good. I don't. If I didn't like it I'd just say something generic like, "So there's this thing, with these guys, and yeahhh..." and then my voice would trail off like a guy who's dumping you over the phone.

But since I do love it, I'm going to tell you why it's awesome and show you the hunky boys involved so that you can watch and decide for yourself.

After the jump, of course.

The concept is similar to The September Issue documentary, only it follows the creation of Out magazine's June/July Hot List Issue and features tons of homos you'd like to date. Or hump. Or both.

It also feels a lot more fast-paced and exciting because the cast is using AT&T mobile devices to share their hectic day-to-day schedules with viewers (I'm hoping for lots of running around and people shouting, "GIRL! Stop the presses!"). They also do a bunch of daily blogs, tweets, photo, and video updates on the Team Out home page.

So who's involved?


This is Aaron and Grant. They're big decision people. They also have accents. Hot.



Brent helps Grant execute his vision, while Noah is the man behind those cool videos we post in's video central. They both bring their own creativity into the mix. They also look like the "good boy/bad boy" pairing you'd see in a 1970s sitcom. Both are completely snackable.

TO_Jason And this is Jason, the photo editor. He wears his hat sideways and has tattoos like the hip kids do these days. Super talented (and cute).

Today's show offers a simple introduction to the boys and what's to come, but it's a fun way of starting your day. Plus, they have giveaways, surveys, and other random stuff.

We'll give you updates as content gets added, but check it out now to meet the guys.