Johnny Weir: The Album?

By: Brodie

The flamboyant figure skating rebel is all about maximizing his moment of fame.

What better way than with a slamming single radio hit, right? Hey, it worked for um... Oh, no.

See what Johnny Weir had to say about his future in the music business.

Weir told People:

“I’ve been working a lot on my voice — if I only do one song in my life, I want it to be a huge success. My main goal is to perform it at the VMAs. I want to come out on a little circle of ice from underneath the stage or something crazy like that!”

The outspoken and self-assured skater also shared his able approach to celebrity. “People talk about how trashy it is to use 15 minutes of fame,” he noted, “but I’m trying to pursue all of this in a professional way and do the best I can. I don’ t care if I fail. I just have fun trying to do these things.”

While something tells me the songs may not sound too hot (or maybe they will; he could work with pal Lady Gaga), at least he knows it’s all a lark.

Images: Getty