Liza Minnelli Singing “Single Ladies”

By: Brodie

Don’t read this if you’re one of those spoilerphobes who can resist the titillating allure of massive media coverage to go into an anticipated movie like Sex and the City 2 armed only with a trailer’s worth of information. Good for you — you are the noble moviegoer, a blank slate.

But the rest of us like extra dessert, ruined surprise gifts, and spoilers, spoilers, spoilers! For those who like to know… click through to preview the Liza version of the Beyoncé hit!

We knew a while ago that Liza Minnelli would be covering the smash single for the big gay wedding in SATC2. I think we all assumed the result would be akin to a gay wonder that would rival the intrinsic beauty of the Sistine Chapel or Kellan Lutz’s abs.

This is what we got:

Oh, dear.