Glee Finale: Which TV Hunk Will Be Dating Emma?

By: Brodie

In tonight’s season 1 finale of Glee, the New Directions finally have their big make-or-break competition.

And (spoiler warning!) Emma Pilsbury (Jayma Mays) just happens to casually let it slip to Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) that she’s got a second suitor romancing her.

Say what?! Who’s this handsome dentist courting the squeaky-clean Glee guidance counselor? Find out which familiar face is rumored to have nabbed the role.

91015052 According to Entertainment Weekly’s expert Michael Ausiello, Full House’s hottest uncle, John Stamos, will play the part of the dentist with a million-dollar smile and eyes for Emma in a recurring season 2 part. Stamos is no stranger to musicals, most recently starring in a hit revival of Bye Bye Birdie on Broadway, so the casting coup may be a shrewd move. I see a sing-off in the future. First prize: Emma’s heart! Have mercy...

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