Glee is Gaining a Christian Character for Season 2

By: Brodie

The GLAAD-celebrated, inclusive musical series that promotes tolerance and individuality, Glee, is adding a new character to season 2.

We already heard Kurt’s getting a boyfriend, but out creator Ryan Murphy is adding a new dynamic to the glee club with a conservative Christian character. One who, true to form, disapproves of homosexuality. Will sparks fly? Keep reading to find out!

Murphy intends the new female character to balance out certain “jabs at the right” the provocative series has made in the past while highlighting tolerance and acceptance of others regardless of sexuality, disabilities, or other differences.

Murphy explained to TV Guide, "I'm adding a Christian character. We've taken a couple jabs at the right wing this year, so what I want to do with this character is have someone who Christian kids and parents can recognize and say, 'Oh, look — I'm represented there, too!'”

After all, Murphy notes, “if we're trying to form a world of inclusiveness, we've got to include that point of view as well."

He also hinted that this new voice will object to Kurt’s openness regarding his sexuality as well as some of the racier performances the New Directions showcase (anyone remember ‘Push It’?).

I was kind of hoping the new character might be one of Rachel Berry’s much-mentioned gay dads! Sadly, that’s not on Murphy’s Glee agenda just yet. "I like feeling their parenting influence without meeting them," he shared.

The finale of season 1 of Glee airs Tuesday, June 8. Take a look at a spoiler-rific clip below:


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