Lady Gaga Still Has Surprises in Store

By: Brodie

In a new lengthy sit-down with, the incredible Lady Gaga answers questions from celeb fans and her beloved international Little Monsters. The fashion-forward, innovative artist who’s become an instant icon talked about being inspired by the greats (like Madonna and Elton), her dream duets, the place where Gaga and the real girl mix, and her secret guilty-pleasure pop song.

She continues her refreshing, recently assumed role as an unguarded, extremely open, and benevolent celebrity. Read a few of her most fascinating sound bites from the interview. 

100354270 On Madonna’s indelible mark on her music:

“Madonna is a wonderful, wonderful person. She is so full of the most wonderful freedom and spirit, and is so kind. Working with her has always been very exciting and very fun. We have shared some wonderful honest moments together. She comes to my shows, I've asked her questions, she gives me advice. It's been my experience in the industry that I've connected on a much deeper level with the more iconic and legendary people that I have admired, and not with any of my contemporaries. The one things the legends all have in common are that they are the nicest human beings I have ever met. As a segue from knowing and meeting and loving Madonna, it has allowed me to meet amazing, wonderful iconic people. By meeting these people, I have discovered myself. My freedom. My security. Myself.”

98570634 On her dream artists to collaborate with, living or dead:

“I would have loved to do a duet with Judy Garland. I would have loved to have known her. John Lennon. David Bowie! And Nick Knight, but we do lots of duets together!”

On walking the line between her public and private personas:

“The second part of the question said when is the precise moment when it switches: I would like to be able to say when there's a dick inside me it switches. But it doesn't always. I do sometimes feel that I'm on a stage all the time, and I do feel that life is a stage for my art. When I'm dancing, singing, making breakfast. But there is a moment of freedom, when the stage disappears: when I cry. On stage, off stage, alone or with someone. There's something very honest about that. It has nothing to do with taking off a wig or smearing my lipstick. It doesn't even have anything to do about whether I have an orgasm. It's much deeper than that.”

101620865 On the most important, enduring message of her music and art:

“I want them to love themselves. If I could for a moment just inspire you to love yourself, that would be worth everything.”

A highlight of the piece was a revealing little moment, as a Quentin Tarantino (the Q.T.? Is there more than one?) of Los Angeles instructed the game Gaga to “name one song when it comes on the radio you sing along to, but you are embarrassed that you like it, so nobody knows?”

The “Bad Romance” singer responded, “That Taylor Swift song — 'You Belong To Me' — I sing it so loud, and I'm so embarrassed! Because I sing it so loud. But it's a great song!”
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