Charlie's Big Gay Screening

By: Michael Matson

I was fortunate enough to attend a screening of Charlie St. Cloud packed wall to wall with gay men. During the closing credits, it was revealed that Kim Basinger—who's screen time as Charlie's mom clocks in at around five minutes—had someone who's sole job was to do her body makeup. Amazing, right? At that point, one of the gays next to me whispered to his friend, "Body makeup? Was her body even in the movie?" His friend replied, "I want a body makeup person!"

It was at that moment I realized that, while I enjoyed the film and the performances, the comments and applause from the gay audience made my experience more enjoyable. Because these guys didn't just watch the film, they interacted with it (which basically means they enjoyed it too). So, I've compiled the top five audience moments from Charlie's (a.k.a Zac Efron) big gay screening.

1. Zac's armpits are on display at the beginning of the film as he mans a sailboat. A gay in front of me whispered to his friend, "Forget Brad, I'll take that pit!"

2. We get the first taste of Zac's hot bod when he emerges from the water in a wet t-shirt. A gay behind me said to no one in particular, "Jacob who?"

3. Dave Franco (James' cute little brother) has some key scenes with Zac. There's a moment when the two are talking close to each other. Someone in the front row shouted, "Kiss him!" This was followed by another gay near me saying, "Well, James certainly would."

4. When Zac and love interest Amanda Crew first hook up and are about to kiss, the same front row gay sighed loudly, "You won't kiss Franco, but you'll kiss her? Whatever."

5. When Zac has his big rescue scene and takes off his shirt, half of the audience applauded, while one gay started singing Ce Ce Peniston's "Finally."