Jane Lynch Honored at Outfest

By: Rick Andreoli

Last night featured an amazing opening gala for Outfest, the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian film festival.

Not only did the audience get to watch James Franco's new film Howl (about beat poet Allen Ginsberg) but they also got to see Jane Lynch—who plays everyone's favorite PE teacher, Sue Sylvester—receive Outfest's Achievement Award.

Openly gay director Paris Barclay, who just got an Emmy nom for his work on Glee, and Chris Colfer who also got an Emmy nomination for the role of Kurt, presented the award to Lynch.

We've got more photos and details below.


Barclay and Colfer's speeches were both humorous and touching, letting us get a glimpse of Lynch from "behind-the-scenes." There was also an amazing video of her work edited by J.D. Disalvatore.

For those of us who have followed Lynch's acting for years, what was really phenomenal was being able to see how this out actor has been able to forge a career off of pure talent. And what's more, to see America love and accept her for that same talent, regardless of her sexual orientation.

She was there last night with her beautiful wife, Lara Embry.


Paris Barclay


Chris Colfer


Grease director, Randal Kleiser

102733183 The always sexy, Wilson Cruz


Rachel G. Fox from Desperate Housewives

102733562 Howl directors / filmmakers Jeffrey Friedman; Rob Epstein

All photos: Getty Images