Margaret Cho on Glambert, Gaga, and Dating Gay Men

By: Michael Matson

Drop Dead Diva star Margaret Cho has a new album out next month—Cho Dependent—a collaboration with an impressive lineup of musicians including; Tegan & Sara, Ani Difranco, and Fiona Apple. And she kicks off her brand new stand up tour on August 15th at The Vixen in Provincetown.

Margaret recently dished about all things gay with Autostraddle. Check out what she had to say about Adam Lambert and Ricky Martin coming out, "bizarre" Lady Gaga, and dating gay men.

Cho Photos: Austin Young

On Adam Lambert and Ricky Martin Coming Out:

"[Adam] strikes me as somebody who was out to begin
with. His stardom was so fast. He was a star,
and then a couple of weeks later he [said], 'I’m gay!' So, I wouldn’t necessarily think of that as even waiting to come out. His start was a
little bit different than somebody like Ricky Martin, who was a child
star and developed within show business. [Ricky's] idea of image has been
protected since he was like, five years old or whenever he joined Menudo.
I think it’s much more difficult for somebody like Ricky Martin to
come out. His fame was many years before Adam's. I think his
finally coming out now is really brave, even though it is years later."

GagaCho On Lady Gaga:

"She is such a
bizarre kind of a pop star. She’s just got her own thing happening, and
I just think she is so phenomenal. She’s great for queer culture, she’s
really innovative and beautiful, and I think she’s a great musician
too, so I have a lot of respect and love for Gaga."

On Dating Gay Men:

"Even though it’s weird considering my stand-up comedy, I can also be a
very non-sexual person. And, sometimes gay men are very romantically
interested in me, but not sexually. So I’ve actually had quite a few romantic
relationships with gay men that are not sexual at all. But in the realm
of romance I think that there’s like, many gay men that have sought
that of me. Because for gay men, also the idea of romance is sometimes
neglected in gay culture. It’s a very kind of feminine ritual, a
feminine trait or a feminine ideal of romance, and so I think many gay
men who have indulged that with me. So, I have quite a few gay husbands. I think there’s
different ways to be a husband, there’s different ways to have marriage, and now I’ve certainly had that with quite a few gay men."