Glee Season 2: All The Comic-Con Spoilers

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If you’re one of those weirdos who like to be ‘surprised,’ do not read on!

However, if you’re a Gleek who can’t wait for every new bit of news (like us here at, check out the round up of all the secrets of season 2 revealed. From Kurt’s new boyfriend, to Cheerio dumb blond Brittany’s back story, the second coming of the Madonna episode, favorite guest stars returning (Cough--Kristin Chenoweth, please!) and all the gay storylines you want to know about, the new season should be better than ever.

Here are all the highlights leaked from Comic-Con:

 Ryan Murphy confirmed at Comic-Con that Glee will have a "Rocky Horror" episode next season.

Glee--600x400He also conceded that eight musical numbers an episode were too many, next season, it will be reduced to five.

Another Madonna tribute episode is on the way. Murphy doesn't know when, but it will happen "at some point". The last episode was his favorite, even though it took 12 days to shoot over the usual eight or nine, and went over budget very early on.

Of the controversial Kurt/Finn/Burt confrontation, Murphy promised that they would revisit the issue and its repercussions throughout season two, starting fairly early on. "It gives us a platform to discuss things that haven't really been talked about on television," Murphy explained.

Glee_showmancepractice On the differences between Chris Colfer and his character Kurt Hummel, Emmy nominee Colfer admitted that he had "no idea who Marc Jacobs was" until filming the pilot. He also calls himself a gigantic geek, so he feels at home at Comic Con. Speaking of Kurt, "I see them as being Prom King and King; I think that's an important message to put out into the world," out creator Murphy said.

A fan asked what Naya Rivera and Heather Morris thought about the fanbase rooting for a Brittany/Santana hook-up; the ladies both said that they loved it. "We call it Santittany," Rivera laughed, with Morris adding that they're best friends and hang out in real life. Murphy picked up the thread by dishing that the writers are debating an episode where Santana and Brittany kiss for real.

KristinChenoweth2346x500 One of the biggest (and most controversial) revelations of the panel was the news that Tina will fall out of love with Artie and fall for dance-master Mike Chang instead.

Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth will reappear in season 2.

As for family members we haven't yet seen; Murphy wants to see Rachel's gay dads, Artie's mom and Brittany's "really smart sister," because someone had to get the brains in that family.

While there are thankfully no plans for a Justin Bieber tribute, there will be a Britney Spears-themed episode, which will feature Brittany singing Britney. Murphy curiously described the episode as "hallucinogenic and really fun."

'Glee' will feature another long-awaited Amber Riley solo when Mercedes takes Kurt to her church. It will feature covers of 'Papa, Can You Hear Me?' and 'Losing My Religion,'

Reports via: TV Squad and Deadline

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