The Best Homoerotic Action Movie Moments

By: Brodie

Just in time for Sylvester Stallone’s new meat-packed action flick, The Expendables, there's a hot list of action movie moments that bulge with the most homoeroticism.

See some of the finest moments ever captured on celluloid, “where sweat-kissed muscle-men fight to the death, where intense stare-downs are thick with stifled sexual tension, and where a gun is almost always more than just a gun.”

Plus: we've got the favorite they forgot.

Check out all the hot action:

Top Gun nabs the #2 spot, not for its man-tastic beach volley ball scene, but for the heat between Maverick (Tom Cruise) and the Ice Man (Val Kilmer). Whatever, call it trendy the infamous romp is still sex on the beach for our eyes!

Playin' with the Boys from Playhard on Vimeo.

Mad Mel Gibson snakes into the #3 slot when he kicks Gary Busey’s butt in the climax of Lethal Weapon, culminating with “Busey in a triangle hold… gasping for breath and providing some great crotch-to-face imagery.”

Showdown in Little Tokyo rightfully tops out the list at #10. explains, “Dolph Lundgren walks around in his underwear, sticking any weapon he can find in the band of his skivvies. And then Brandon Lee just says it: "Kenner, just in case we get killed, I wanted to tell you, you have the biggest dick I've ever seen on a man." A nonchalant thank you, a quick close-up of Lundgren's chest and crotch...” And what a mighty fine crotch it is.

If only they had left off some Arrrrnold, and included this sexy, grimy, oiled up action from The Transporter, instead. C’mon, it’s Jason frickin' Statham!

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