The Last Exorcism Does Chatroulette

By: Joe Thompson

Okay, this is quite possibly the best marketing campaign we've seen in ages.

You know about The Last Exorcism, right? Horror movie. About an exorcist? I don't know anything—too scared to watch the trailer—but from the name of the film and the snippets of commercials I've seen, that's what I assume it's about.

So the marketing folks at Lionsgate did this genius marketing campaign where they taped the star of the film, put the footage on Chatroulette, and then filmed the pervy guys who were going there to try and see some woman's boobs. (Or a guy's weenie. You never know what might pop up on Chatroulette—literally!— when it was running. It's not live right now but that's what it was like when I last went on.)

Anyway, the company then filmed the reactions of the guys when they saw... well... just check it out and see for yourself. It's only 2 minutes long and it's genius!

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