Watch Weeds Season 6 Premiere on!

By: Joe Thompson

A couple weeks ago Showtime gave early access to their new series The Big C (you can still watch The Big C's premiere episode for FREE in Geek Out), and now they'll be doing it again with one of our favorite shows, Weeds!

Tune in tomorrow, August 17th, where we'll have the premiere episode for Weeds Season 6 right here on

Check out some cool photos from the upcoming season and watch the trailer below!

Weeds_gal6_0getaway_group THE STORY SO FAR...

When hemptress Nancy Botwin hooked up with a powerful drug lord, everything spun out of control. Now, with the FBI and Mexican Mafia hot on their tail, the Botwins are hitting the highway in a desperate run for their lives. They’re off the map and trying to stay incognito as they travel from city to city and town to town. But with no money, no plan and no idea where they’ll end up, only one thing’s for certain – this season’s gonna be a wild ride.

Emmy® and Golden Globe® winner Mary-Louise Parker stars in Weeds, premiering Monday, August 16 at 10 PM ET/PT, only on SHOWTIME®.



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