Rachel Zoe and Brad Goreski's Split Turns Nasty

By: Brodie

They said it was just ‘timing’ (Don’t they all?), but it looks like Brad Goreski’s exit from Rachel Zoe’s employ was not met with well wishes and air-kisses, after all.

Contrary to the flowery farewell annuoncement that rocked fans of the Rachel Zoe Project reality show, sources are now reporting jealousy and bad blood is to blame for Brad breaking away.

PopEater says, "Brad was sick of doing all the work while Rachel got all the credit, while Rachel feels used by Brad.

She feels as if she taught him everything and the second he got a chance to leave her high and dry he did."

While others say the fall out is a direct result of the recent NY Times Style section cover story on Goreski:

"Fashion week was definitely the turning point," a friend of Rachel's tells me. "Brad was sitting on the front row of every show and getting invited to as may events as his boss. However the final straw was when Brad appeared on the cover of The New York Times style section. Rachel hit the roof and reminded him he was her assistant and it was called 'The Rachel Zoe' show not the Brad Goreski show. That was the moment that the two of them were over."

This makes assistant number two to leave Zoe on bad terms. Hmm…

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