Sherry Vine in 13

By: Rick Andreoli

Sherry Vine has performed on stage, in film and television, and has recently become an Internet phenomenon thanks to her hilarious music videos. She’s also one of the dynamic divas in’s new series The Queens of Drag, and the star of episode #1.

While her bio is impressive, we took a couple minutes to ask her 13 questions so that readers could get to know the blonde bombshell a little better.

1. When did you know you’d discovered who Sherry Vine really was?
The first few years were a trial period. [She laughs.] I was experimenting and searching and trying many different looks for Sherry. I was fortunate to have many stages to explore this on: Theatre Couture, Squeezebox, Jackie 60, Boy Bar and certainly Bar d'O. By the late ‘90s I think I had defined Sherry. But I am definitely always refining. I consider Sherry a character that is always evolving.

2. What’s your favorite place to perform and why?
Port Authority 3rd floor Men's Room. Why? It's the only floor Lady Bunny
has not claimed. I also love performing in Berlin. The audience is the
most responsive!

13535_196176099365_591754365_3107677_4981806_n 3. What do you love about audiences?

That they are there! Nothing makes me happier than looking out and making eye contact and seeing smiles. Something Bianca del Rio has never experienced.

4. What do you hate about some audiences?
Looking out and seeing people texting— no eye contact!

5. Who is your inspiration?
There are so many... Carol Burnett was my biggest comedy influence. Strong women of rock [like] Debbie Harry, Pat Benatar, and Courtney Love. I know everyone says this, but Meryl Streep cannot be touched!

6. Who do you love listening to on your iPod right now?
I recently put all my Led Zeppelin CDs on the iPod. Joey Arias and I put on our make-up listening to Zeppelin! At heart I am really a rocker chick and have been revisiting classic Heart, Ramones, Luna Chicks. New music, Florence and The Machine.

7. What song do you associate with your coming out?
[Laughing.] I don't wanna say. Ok, the first time I walked into a gay bar in Baltimore and knew I was home, they were playing the disco version of “Memories” from Cats.

8. What hang-ups do you wish people would get over?
Gays who label themselves "straight acting.” You're a homo!

9. What’s one of your guilty pleasures?
Rachel Zoe. I am obsessed!! And foreskin.

10. Favorite curse word?

11. Best bitch slap you ever heard?
I have gotten loads of hate e-mails on YouTube but my favorite was one word: "Wrinkles!” That felt like a slap across the face! I had to laugh.

12. We’re coming into the new school year. What advice would you give a girl preparing for her Homecoming dance?
Honey, be yourself and be brave! Create your own style and be proud of it.

13. What do you think is the greatest gift drag performers give to the world?
I think the greatest gift is to bring a smile to someone's face. With all the shit going on in the world and everything people have to deal with on a daily basis, it's not easy to always find a smile. So that's a nice gift!

And, of course, free head in the toilet!


I'm not kidding...

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