Acid Betty in 13

By: Rick Andreoli

Acid Betty has lived and worked in New York City as a graphic designer, as one of the city’s most popular nightlife hosts, and as the self-proclaimed fiercest drag bitch ever! She’s also one of the Queens of Drag stars premiering this week on

We took a couple minutes to ask Acid Betty 13 questions.

1. When did you start performing?
I started dwelling in the dark shadows of the New York clubs about 3-4 years ago...

2. How did you come up with your name?
Originally it was a take on Betty Paige, but if the viewer was on acid. [laughs] I think the allusion still applies to my look— purposefully, of course.

3. What do you love about audiences?
I love that they keep a good 6 feet away from me at all times and never pull at my hair. That’s a safe distance for me: 6 feet.

Betty1 4. What do you hate about some audiences?
The most difficult part with some audiences is their lack of cultural knowledge and history. I try to always acknowledge the queens and freaks that have paved the way for me to be who I am, and those who continue to pave the way. It is a shame that very few actually know much drag and club freak history. It is even more of a shame they don't know much about their own homosexual history, which is why any pop star or impostor can steal that history and maybe not claim it as their own, but definitely sell it as if it was.

5. What’s your favorite place to perform and why?
I don't like to perform. I am a visual artist. There is no need for me to dance around and poorly lip-sync to a song that is a blip on music's landscape for people to notice I am in the room or to interact with me. Overall, the most exciting and rejuvenating place I have been thus far has been Chicago. My idol, Jojo Baby, lives there. So do many other supportive amazing artists who have managed to rejuvenate my inner-creative soul.

6. Who is your inspiration?
Jojo Baby is one my living inspirations. He lives and breathes his art in the heart of Chicago and through that example I have learned that I too can be creative and make a living at it.

7. Who do you love listening to on your iPod right now?
A strange hodgepodge of Erasure, Robyn, Kelis, Michael Jackson, Scissor Sisters and some old skool Ministry of Sound tracks— just to remind me of when dance music was good.

8. What song do you associate with your coming out?
Coming out? Do you mean "going out"? I think you are alluding to “coming out of the closet.” I never did that. My only memory of “coming out” was when I asked my mother advice on what to do: "[Should I] call him first or should I wait to see if he likes me and wait for HIS call?"

9. What’s one of your guilty pleasures?
Acid Betty is my guilty pleasure. You think all the custom clothes and hair is cheap? To get one of my tailor-made custom outfits from Alexander Pope and hair to match is an investment. It also takes a small village of girls with perfectly straight 30-inch hair to hand their hair over to me, hand sew the hair, color and style it before it even gets worn.

10. Favorite curse word? Betty

11. Best bitch slap you ever heard or delivered?
I don't believe in violence. Do we need more planes hitting buildings for people to realize happiness and joy never stems from violence?

12. We’re in the new school year. What advice would you give a girl preparing for her Homecoming dance?
I say skip it, make your own party and re-invent the meaning of Homecoming. The children these days have taken the walls built up around them and are painting them with flowers and lightning bolts instead of knocking them down and building new ideas.

13. What do you think is the greatest gift drag performers give to the world?
I think drag performers give one of two gifts. A small few give artistry that is then reflected, copied and praised in the popular culture when worn by a real woman or in the fashion world. And the others fill a drunk void for short-term entertainment in small bars.

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