Dallas DuBois in 13

By: Rick Andreoli

Dallas DuBois has only been involved with the New York City drag scene for two years but she is one of the city’s hottest stars. She performs on Fire Island, in New York City clubs, bars and lounges, and holds titles such as champion of Barracuda's Star Search, Miss Grove Hotel, Most Popular at Miss Fire Island, and she was nominated for two Glammy Awards.

With that list of credits it’s only natural that she be a part of Gay.com’s Queens of Drag series, so we asked the delicious Dallas 13 questions for our readers.

1. When did discover who Dallas DuBois really was?
Only recently. She's a sassy showgirl mixed with glamor and class. She's well spoken and versatile and will stop at nothing to entertain people.

2. How did you come up with your name?
I was trying to use a city or state as a first name to see if any could seem memorable enough. Dallas stuck because it could be a name for a boy or girl. As for "DuBois,” it's French for "of the woods"... where I spend most of my time. [ reminiscing fondly] The "Meat Rack" in Fire Island, the "Rambles" in Central Park... [laughs] Only kidding. No, "DuBois" came from the play A Streetcar Named Desire.

3. What do you love about audiences?
I love that the audiences ALWAYS change. It's never the same crowd twice, never the same energy. It's always new and fresh and you never know who you're going to get sitting there watching you.

Pic1 4. What do you hate about some audiences?
That audiences can never be "gauged" until the show is in progress. Therefore, many-a-time you find yourself changing it up during the show to cater to what they are feeling. I'm all about the audience and what they want to hear and see. If I did each show only to appease myself, I would be out of work like many others.

5. What’s your favorite place to perform?
The Ice Palace/Grove Hotel pool in Cherry Grove, Fire Island. It's very unique because it's daytime, 360 degrees of audience, and with an in-ground pool that's longer than the Radio City Music Hall stage. It's the hardest and most challenging space to perform but my favorite because it keeps me on my toes and constantly evolving. Plus, I get to do flips and dives into the pool in drag or be on the dry deck. I can cater to how I'm feeling and if I want to be soaked or dry.

6. Where do you dream of performing one day?
I would LOVE to one day perform at the Tony Awards. It's the epitome of success in my eyes. A) I love anything that is "theater", and B) what better place to prove you're a great performer than showcasing yourself in front of the best audience, your peers?

7. Who is your inspiration?
I love Parker Posey. I think she is one of the most brilliant actors but highly underrated in mainstream film. As for male actors, I admire and love Sean Penn for his acting choices and the way he tackles each and every role. He's addicting to watch.

8. What song do you associate with your coming out?
"Home," sung by Diana Ross in The Wiz. I wouldn't associate it only with my coming out, but it's my song about my self-identification as a gay man in New York City and the people I have met along the way who have now become my family and friends.

9. What hang-ups do you wish people would get over?
The fact that we are MEN in dresses. Just because this is our job or career does not mean we wish to live our life in a wig and heels. Once the makeup comes off so does the character, well-SHOULD...[she coughs] Hedda.

I live a normal life. I'm a pretty masculine man but I happen to play a "woman" as a profession. Get over it, guys. Just because you date or hook-up with a guy who is a drag queen, it doesn't compromise your masculinity... even though, I know they will put on a dress for Halloween.Dallas

10. What’s one of your guilty pleasures?
Peanut butter. If I could put it on everything I would. Especially with chocolate covered pretzels. MmmMmmm. 

11. Favorite curse word?
Asshole. It's my favorite word in the English language. I use it for good and bad. I try to use it at least once in every sentence.

12. Best bitch slap you ever delivered?
While I was walking on the street here in NYC some guy once said to me, "How much?" assuming I was a hooker. I said, "8-1/2, but thanks for asking!" and walked away.

13. What do you think is the greatest gift drag performers give to the world?
A personified realistic symbol of individuality and self-expression, and a voice for those who can't or don't want to speak up.

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