Epiphany in 13

By: Rick Andreoli

Epiphany started performing 5 years ago, but she’s already wowing audiences with her gorgeous voice, stunning looks, and hunky dancers. Of course, there have been accusations of her being “difficult” as well, which made her a perfect fit for Gay.com’s Queens of Drag series.

As her episode premieres this week, we sat down with Epiphany to address that and other fun facts in her “13 Questions” interview.

1. When did you know you’d discovered who Epiphany really was?
I think my character is still evolving. I'm pretty surprised about how "she" changes.

2. Who is your inspiration?
I really like Freddie Mercury; his voice is like an angel! But I lean more toward dance music. I'm working on something right now that's kind of like cunty drag queen Swedish House Mafia.

3. Best bitch slap you ever delivered?
I once punched a guy in the face for pulling off my wig. I dragged him out of the club by his neck and threw him on the street.

4. What do you love about audiences?
Applause and tips.

5. What do you hate about some audiences?
ADHD and that New York audiences just want bland homogenized bullshit Miley Cyrus and the radio edits of Lady GaGa from years ago. The club scene plays the same music that American children listen to. And all because club owners and DJs are too ignorant and scared to play anything current. New York City used to be the place to see what was new and trendsetting. Now the people are so boring they don't even know what is new.

Epiphany 6. Where is your favorite place to perform?
Lincoln Center, ‘cause the acoustics at Carnegie Hall suck. [laughs] I love to perform in Berlin or Chicago, they are great, fun cities.

7. Where do you dream of performing one day?
I'd like to do Life Ball in Vienna because it's a great cause, and Buckingham Palace so I can try on the Queen’s jewelry.

8. Who do you love listening to right now?
Oh God, a bunch of stuff. Martin Solveig, Stonebridge remixes, Scissor Sisters, Sam Sparro, Alex Gaudino, Larrikin, Axwell, Goldfrapp, Christian Marchi, Ben DJ, Yolanda Be Cool, Fake Blood, Quintino, and a bunch of artists that aren't so well known. I listen to pretty progressive house music. That is what frustrates me about gays these days. I listen to what’s current and they are all top 40 from last year.

9. What song do you associate with your coming out?
Anything Daft Punk or Basement Jaxx.

10. What hang-ups do you wish people would get over?
Epiphany With me? I have gained a reputation for being difficult to work with or "bitchy.” I don't have a problem telling people the truth and that hurts their feelings.

Someone in our society can be a complete douche bag liar but if they blink their lashes and say it in a way that makes people comfortable they are your best friend. I don't believe I have to coddle adults’ emotions and sugar coat what I say. I also don't talk about people behind their backs. If I have something I think needs to be said I'll tell you. People do not like reality.

11. What’s one of your guilty pleasures?

12. Favorite curse word?

13. What do you think is the greatest gift drag performers give to the world?
Entertainment. After all, most of us are performers. We also give girls something to work up to.

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