SATC for Halloween: Become Carrie

By: Joe Thompson

When pondering the perfect Halloween costume—as many of you are—the group theme invariably arises. With Sex and the City 2 coming out on DVD this week, it's no surprise that groups of gays want to dress up as their favorite gal pals.

But while Samantha may be the closest thing to a gay man in the cast and has a stand out personality for boys to imitate, Carrie is clearly the star. She's also got the best fashion choices. In fact, if your friends were to do just one character altogether, Carrie would offer the best clothing options.

Check out the last of our makeover videos, where an every day woman is transformed into her favorite SATC character, and consider how you can either snag the spotlight as Carrie or convince all your friends to join you on this journey.

It's gonna be fun...

Watch Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha's makeover videos.