10 Reasons To Work Out with Cher

By: Frank Mills

We all know Cher has attitude. In fact, we love her for it. But when she uses it for something useful—like helping you burn calories—we love it even more.

Sadly, her classic 1992 exercise video CherFitness: A New Attitude is not yet available on DVD in the United States or Canada (if you're able to navigate your way around German, however, you can order it here). But that doesn't make it any less fabulous.

Here are 10 reasons why you should take a new attitude for yourself and work out with Cher:

10. After nearly 20 years, CF:ANA remains one of the top-selling celebrity workout tapes of all time.

9. This video is fun. It’s kind of like taking an exercise class with Cher, your wisecracking friend.

8. No matter how much she works out, Cher remains fabulous looking.

7. After all these years, Cher still has a rockin’ bod—clearly she knows what she's doing.

6. The video has has 40 minutes of hardcore step work, which makes your butt look great.

5. The abdominal workout is intense and afterwards you'll be so glad you did it.

4. Cher’s approach to fitness is totally chill. She doesn’t expect you to do anything crazy. If you can step, you can CherFitness.

3. Instead of a cheesy, monotonous soundtrack of muzak with a beat, Cher gives you actual tunes like “Born To Be Wild” and “Son of a Preacher Man”—plus some Cher songs thrown in for good measure.

2. And despite how serious she takes her workout, Cher manages to be a little bit Vegas-y by changing her wardrobe for each section.

and last but not least:

1. You're probably watching Cher anyway. You might as well be doing something productive at the same time!