Burlesque Is on Fire!

By: Brodie

The gays are all a glitter over Burlesque. Between musical mistress Christina Aguilera, legendary gay icon Cher, and a hunky supporting cast with Cam Gigandet, Eric Dane and Stanley Tucci (What? have you seen him shirtless?), there's no doubt the boys are already finding ways to slip out of Thanksgiving dinner so they can check it out on opening weekend.

This, of course, got us wondering: What part of Burlesque are you into?

The trailer offers a small sampling of everything we love on the big screen: sparkly costumes, major musical numbers, a gaggle of hot guys in tight clothes sliding around Christina and Cher, and a showbiz fairytale at the heart of it all.

Check it out, or take the poll below and let us know what you think.

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