Cher: The Godmother of Gaga

By: Michael Matson

Singer Iggy Pop has been dubbed the "Godfather of Punk" because of his influence on the musical genre that exploded in the 1970s. When it comes to outrageously glamorous fashion in pop music, it could be argued that Cher is the "Godmother of Gaga."

Since the early days of Sonny & Cher in the 1960s, she has displayed a daring fashion sensibility that made her an instant style icon. In 1971, Cher found her lifelong partner in (couture) crime—designer Bob Mackie, who has created more gravity defying outfits for the Oscar-winning actress than anyone else. And while she shows no signs of dumping her bugle beads for polyblend pant suits, Cher must enjoy watching the world's hottest pop sensation fiercely work a runway that she pioneered.

Go below for a slideshow of four decades of Cher style.