Kylie Minogue Goes Acoustic!

By: Joe Thompson

It's no secret that we love Kylie, but this two-part video clip solidifies the deal. Here she performs five acoustic versions of her hit singles on the BBC Radio 2 Live Sessions. contributor Matt Severson tipped us off to this on his Facebook page with this Rufus Wainwright comment about Ms. Minogue:

"I love Kylie, she's the anti-Madonna. Self-knowledge is a truly beautiful thing and Kylie knows herself inside out. She is what she is and there is no attempt to make quasi-intellectual statements to substantiate it. She is the gay shorthand for joy."

In part 1 she sings "Can't Get You Out of My Head," "All the Lovers," and "In My Arms"; in part 2 there's "Confide in Me" and "Better Than Today."

If you love Kylie you'll embrace the moment. If you're still on the fence, this could be a conversation moment. Enjoy.