Top Gun 2 Is Coming


The campy and fantastic 80’s flick about hotshot pilots is getting a sequel.

Will there be more sexy Maverick action (as in Tom Cruise)? How about the return of Iceman (Val Kilmer)?

Find out.

Top Gun is best known for it’s homoerotic volleyball, showcasing Tom Cruise back when he was charming, and scoring director Tony Scott his first hit.

Thanks to undying love of the film, director Scott has signed on for a new installment, that he promises will not be another Hollywood remake. "I don't want to do a remake. I don't want to do a reinvention,” he explained. “I want to do a new movie."

And as for the original Maverick’s involvement: "We have been talking with Tom, definitely." Confirms Scott.

But will there be more sweaty beach volleyball action?


We can only hope.