Want: Ultimate Gamer Gadget The FRAGFX Shark

By: Brodie

We recently got our hands on the brand spankin’ new, top of the line precision mouse FPS controller for the PlayStation 3, PC and Mac, the FRAGFX Shark, and leading your squad to victory in Call of Duty or Battlefield has never been so smooth and sensational!

No joke, this is the BEST peripheral ever made for FPS (first person shooter) games that every gamer guy is already spending hours playing. Why not increase your accuracy, reaction time, and precision control with this innovative gaming technology? With it's innovative design to conserve power, the Shark requires only one single AA battery for over 50 hours of wireless gaming that has to be experienced to be believed.

You may think you have all the power and control you need in a basic Dualshock3 controller, but that’s just because you haven’t tried the next level technology available in the FRAGFX peripherals. And while there is a learning curve for adapting to the new feel of the mouse and hand-held nunchuck, a few rounds of persistence quickly proves just how comfortable and unparalleled the performance of this phenomenal device really is.

Gamer approved, designer Splitfish recruited one of the best FPS gamers in the world (zDD) to ensure they developed the best tool for console FPS gaming and the Shark delivers, setting a new standard in the genre.

Available at all gaming retailers and online, check out the FRAGFX Shark, or, two other new peripherals, the FRAGFX Piranha and the FRAGFX Barracuda and prepared to blow traditional wireless FPS controllers out of the water!