James Franco: "Come and Knock on My C*ck"

By: Jackson Lourd

We could blame it on the high altitude at the Sundance Film Festival, but we already know that actor James Franco is game for just about anything, including donning a woman's blond wig and singing an explicit version of the Three's Company theme. Franco, who will almost certainly be in the running for a best actor Oscar for his turn in the gripping true-life drama 127 Hours when nominations are announced tomorrow, joined in the festive festival atmosphere to promote his short film Three's Company: The Drama, a sexed-up take on the venerable '70s sitcom. 

Just how sexy is the short film?

According to website Socialite Life, Franco obtained remake rights to the first three episodes of the long-running series and filmed the short keeping most of the original dialogue intact but spoken seriously. He also peppered the film with flashes of nudity and colorful language.

While promoting the short, Franco donned a long blond wig and sang karaoke at a Sundance party and while being interviewed by MTV, convinced the network's Josh Horowitz to improvise an explicit rendition of the iconic theme song. Sample lyrics: "Come and knock on my cock."

Watch the video.