VOTE: Off The Map Offers TV’s Sexiest Doc

By: Brodie

Everyone seems to be talking about the new, exotic medical series from Grey’s Anatomy creator Shondra Rhimes, Off The Map.

We zeroed in on the buzz surrounding studly star Martin Henderson, who portrays the nighttime soap’s sensual Dr. Ben Keeton.


Co-stars Jason George and Zach Gilford aren't too shabby, either.

Off-the-map-jason-george Off-the-Map-Zach-Gilford

Rhimes has already graciously given TV audiences Dr.’s McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) and McSteamy (Eric Dane), so clearly the caliber of beefcake M.D. was going to be high.

Check out the first 3 minutes of January 12 the premiere now:

Then we started thinking...

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